Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems for Car’s, 4WD, SUV’s, Caravan’s and your Trailers

Tyrepitstop offer a range of Tyre Pressure Monitoring systems to cover your passenger or light commercial vehicle right through to performance cars. Our 4WD and SUV Tyre monitors have specific tyre pressure sensors monitoring where high and low wheel pressure ranges are a must… All 4WD Monitoring Systems can be selected for off road driving, towing applications where both the vehicle and trailer can be monitored simultaneously.

At tyrepitstop we Feel we have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to suit MOST domestic applications, below is our 3 most popular models. 
The TPMS-201 is a real time Tyre Pressure Monitoring System inc’ Temperature .

“Realtime” meaning the actual temperature and pressure at that moment in time. The system is designed to constantly monitor vehicle tyre pressure and temperature whenever the display unit is powered up.

The kit consists of a display unit, 4 sensors, a power cord, a cigarette lighter adaptor and a dual wire antenna. The TPMS-201 to monitor the tyres not only when the vehicle is being driven, but also when it is parked.

We NOW stock additional package that will enable users to order the Tyre Pressure monitoring system “TPMS 201” with a Standard 4 or an additional 5th sensors without having to purchase the additional sensors separately.

  • 4WD or SUV Tyre Pressure Monitoring system
  • TPMS – 4WD OFFERED in a 4, 5 or 6 Sensors

This model is specifically designed for 4WD applications catering to the unique requirements imposed by 4WD applications.

One of the features of this model is a Low and High range pressure selector switch on the back of the display module. This feature allows the system to recalibrate to a new set of parameters with the flick of a switch, once the vehicle’s tyres have been deflated for off road driving.

  • Caravan and Trailer Tyre Pressure Monitoring system
  • TPMS-1504-2 and  TPMS-1504-4

The system is available in two versions. The TPMS-1504-2 is a 2 wheel (single axle) pressure and temperature tyre monitoring system designed for 2 wheel tow vehicle. The TPMS-1504-4 is a 4 wheel (double axle) model. The systems are targeted at trailers which run a cold tyre pressure ranging from 26psi to 66psi.

The system has the capability for each tyre to be set to an individual reference pressure, providing a degree a flexibility for a variety of applications.

Due to popular demand We NOW stock additional packages that will enable 4wd or SUV users to order the Tyre Pressure monitoring system “TPMS-4WD” with both 5 or 6 sensors without having to purchase the additional sensors separately. Please click here to view Product Details and Purchase Online.

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