Welcome to run-flat tyre technology at Tyreplus Engadine and Menai. What is run flat technology?

Run-flat technology will add an extra safety dimension to your vehicle.  In the same way as airbags are now standard safety features on a prestige car or antilock braking is standard on most cars, Engadine and Menai Tyre Pitstop foresee a future where run-flat technology will be standard on all cars.

Essentially what the run flat tyre does is allow you to continue driving your vehicle after the tyre has lost all air pressure.  This is achievable because the tyre walls of the run-flat tyre are stiffened and supported.  Even without air pressure in the tyre, you can continue your journey.  Run-flat technology essentially eliminates the need for carrying or changing a spare tyre.
But it isn’t that hard to change a tyre is it?

No, if you know how to change a tyre, have the necessary tools on hand, have a safe place to make the changeover and have quick and easy access to a spare tyre that is regularly checked, changing a tyre should be a simple process.

For the rest of the drivers who may have difficulty or time constraints, run-flat technology will enable them to continue driving to the nearest Tyre Pitstop where a Pitstop technician will happily take over. 
Consider the advantages of run-flat technology to the:

  • Holiday maker or shopper with a full boot of bags to be emptied in order to access the spare tyre.
  • Driver along a narrow stretch of highway at night
  • Anyone who finds their spare tyre flat
  • Disabled or elderly driver

Michelin PAX Run-Flat System

The Tyre Pitstop crew are pleased to offer the latest Michelin PAX technology.  The PAX system includes:

Run-Flat Tyre

Allowing you to continue driving with a flat tyre.

Tyre Support

Designed to fit to lock onto the wheel rim, even when the tyre is flat..

PAX Alloy Wheel

Specially designed to accept the run-flat tyre.

Pressure Detector

Advising the driver of pressure loss in the tyre.

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