Wheel Alignment – Tyre fitment

  • Take a look at your tyres
  • Are they wearing evenly?
  • Are they worn more one edge?

Correct wheel alignment is essential to the performance of your vehicles tyres.  At Menai and Engadine Tyre Pitstops we recommend a wheel alignment be carried out on any newly fitted tyres.  Hitting objects or potholes will have a negative affect on your wheel alignment making the tyre wear faster, so if you drive on poorly maintained roads or in a suburb dense with roundabouts you need to keep an eye on your tyres. Your steering wheel pulling to one side may also be a sign of poor wheel alignment so it is worth bringing your vehicle into the pitstop crew for an inspection.

Poorly aligned wheels will increase your fuel bill as increased friction between the road and the tyre occurs.

If the tyres on your vehicle are wearing unevenly, this can be a sign thatyou need to bring your car into our Engadine and Menai Pitstop for a wheel alignment.  A wheel alignment tracks your tyre to ensure that the wheel is in the best possible position for even wear of the tyre.  The Pitstop technicians get the direction and angle of the wheels as close as possible to the vehicle manufacturers specifications.

When a wheel alignment is performed at the pitstop, our technicians will measure the alignment of your wheels using the latest wheel alignment technology.  Unaligned tyres will tilt either out at the top causing thetyre to wear on the outside.  Tyres tilting in at the top will result in wear on the inside of the tyre. This is what is referred to as the camber. After our wheel alignment technicians have adjusted the tyre alignment, a new measurement is made and checked against specific actions set down my the manufacturer of your vehicle.

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