SUV, RV and 4WD

We bet if you have an SUV, RV or 4WD, the last thing you want to talk about is SUV tyres, RV tyres or 4×4 tyres.

What a drag life would be if we were all the same with everyone doing and liking identical things! Depressing. More importantly, incredibly boring.

Happily, the auto market offers such a variety that we all can have what suits us best. So when people choose the vehicle that they’ll spend their hard-earned cash on, it is sure to be the one that not only gets them from A to B, but makes them feel like an individual.

Which brings us to the type of transport that doesn’t include the family saloon, the little girl-about-town bubble car or the oh-so-practical people mover. Sure, they fill a market niche. And yes, for the people who own them they have a practical purpose.

Then there are the ones who buy Sports Utility Vehicles – SUVs, Recretional Vehicles -RVs and Four Wheel Drive – 4WDs. Although large numbers of these vehicles are sold they are to those with a transportation ambition greater than a drive to the local supermarket for milk.

They’re thinking touring, offroading, the comfort and safety that only space can bring. It’s not completely conventional thinking, but makers have found that there is sufficient demand to include them in their range.

When it comes to maintenance of these vehicles (something that we know a little about) we have discovered that specialist care is required. Whilst it goes without saying that the manufacturers maintenance recommendations must be adhered to, everything from suspension to tyres and air con are spec’d at a more robust level. For good reason.

SUVs, RVs and 4WDs

Are designed to meet demands that others are not. These are lifestyle vehicles that are made to go places and perform in ways that more fragile on-road cars are not.

So it’s vital to keep them in top condition, paying attention to the unique needs of hybrid vehicles.

We understand that you don’t want to talk endlessly about tyres, you just want them economically and quickly.

That’s where we come in. You can have peace of mind knowing that we’ve made sure that your tyres, the only parts of your SUV, RV or 4WD that touch the ground, are also the best.

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